Find your spark with Industry Mentors

Join collaborative workshops where leaders teach their craft and ignite your potential.


Chalkmark partners with exceptional, seasoned experts who share our passion for mentorship.Together, we design fun and interactive workshops where young professionals experience the power of craft.Join us for a 1-hour session where you roll up your sleeves and engage directly with a challenge and thought process that will change you.

What You Gain

You experience the shift in perspective and develop relationships that set you on the path of exploration and mastery.Practical skills you can use immediately
Go beyond theory and walk away with perspective and practical insight, honed over decades of experience.
Direct access to top minds
Learn directly from leaders who shape their industries and reveal the problems and perspectives that matter.
Confidence and direction
Identify your gifts and develop the right skills that will shape your career and trajectory.
A community of driven peers
Connect with ambitious learners and form the relationships that bring out the best in you.
And the best part?
Our core 1-hour workshops are only $250 $50.

Why We Exist

We believe that learning a craft is best served by relationships.For much of our history, learning was a trusted bond between a mentor serving an apprentice, passing on experience and generational wisdom.Today, your education is driven more by systems than a relationship. Courses and certifications, branded and marketed by institutions and influencers, offer promises but often overlook your natural gifts and potential.Achieving mastery and craft is much more than absorbing knowledge. It is your life experience, the skills you gain in practice, and the mentors who foster a rich exchange of both.Our vision is for mentorship and craft to thrive, fostering individual and community formation.Our mission is to champion the power of relationships in learning.

About Chalkmark

Chalkmark brings together seasoned leaders and ambitious learners into a mentoring relationship that imparts the joys of craft.